Terms & Conditions.


Terms of Use:

The following Terms of Use is between; Liaison Group (Insurance Brokers) Ltd (hereinafter ‘Liaison Group’), through its official site www.liaisongroup.net, and you (hereinafter ‘user’), and subject to the provision of the Insurance Act, Consumer Protection Act and the Data Protection

Act; are with respect to transactions conducted within Kenya and beyond, respectively and; must be accepted by clicking on the ‘I AGREE’ icon while registering with us in order to access the services of this site and shall be made available to your registered email account upon agreeing to them.

User obligations:

1. You must ensure that the personal information provided is accurate, including your name, KRA PIN, email address, and mobile number.

2. You should ensure that all the details of the risk selected are accurate, including the car

registration, chassis number, details of the insured items, and the location of the risk.

3. The use of the motor vehicles MUST align with the type of policy selected.

4. It is mandatory to have the motor vehicles valued within a week of purchasing the cover.

5. You will only receive an insurance certificate once the full premium payment is made.

6. In the event of an accident, it is important NOT to admit liability, contact Liaison Group as soon as possible.

7. While using the site, you may not;

a. Falsify any personal or financial information given.

b. Use our services if you have no legal contractual capacity.

c. Fail to pay for/ delivery of items purchased, unless justified as;

i. A material change, by the seller, on the bid item description, after you placed your bid, or;

ii. On the part of the buyer, Lack of any meaningful communication from the seller with respect to delivery of the bid items, or;


8. While using this site, you warrant that;

a. The names, contact details and description of goods provided are accurate and or to the best of his knowledge and belief.

b. All payments shall be transacted via Liaison Group’s nominated payment account given.

c. All proposed transactions shall only be subject to review and modification before the buyer clicks on the ‘Confirm’ button, on the screen displaying his/ her requested policy.

d. Delivery of Insurance Certificates shall be effected within 30 days upon the date of transaction.

9. An automated transaction receipt and email notification shall thereafter be processed and sent immediately to the buyer and seller’s registered email addresses respectively.

Unauthorized/ unsolicited communications:

10. Liaison Group shall not use any acquired personal information during the transactions for the purposes of distributing unsolicited electronic communications.

Intellectual property:

11. Infringement on the copyright, trademark, patent or any other intellectual property rights that belong to ‘Liaison Group’ or any other third party may include; reproducing, performing, displaying, distributing, copying, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or preparing derivative works from content that belongs to ‘Liaison Group’ or a third party.

Consumer tracking/ profiling:

12. The harvesting or otherwise collection of information about users shall not be done without their express consent.

Personal information:

13. Personal data collected upon registration on the site shall include:

a. Names and contact details with supporting scanned copies of National

identification documents.

b. Geographical physical addresses and nationality.

c. Financial details such as credit or debit card information with supporting bank


14. Every user will receive prior notification before any collection of their personal information which notification shall include;

a. Names, contact details and financial details provided by the user voluntarily.

b. The information being collected, the source from which its being collected if its collected from third parties;

c. The purpose for the collection and any consequence for not providing the information voluntarily;

d. Any law requiring the collection of the information;

e. Your right to object to the collection of the information and also to lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator and the relevant procedures thereof.

15. All personal information collected is necessary for the purpose of;

a. verification of the identity of the user

b. executing the payment of the transactions

c. Performance of the insurance services

d. Redress in the event of any dispute arising.

16. All information collected is in accordance with the requirements set out in the Consumer

Protection Act and the Data Protection Act.

17. All personal information collected shall be treated with strict confidence and only shared to the extent that is necessary to complete the users’ proposed transaction or delivery of goods or services.

18. Users’ personal information shall however be availed in the following circumstance;

a. Upon request by a buyer or seller, in the terms of the Promotion of Access to

Information Act.

b. The information is necessary and appropriate to enforce the Terms and conditions of this site.

c. In the event of a suspicion of any illegal or fraudulent actions on your part.

19. Users may at any point in time, access, view and correct their volunteered personal information by accessing their ‘user profiles’ in the personal account’s settings.

20. Users may opt-out from any further collection of information or tracking by the site by clicking on the ‘op-out’ button displayed on the screen.

21. Liaison Group shall only send out automated marketing material upon your express consent being solicited and secured.

22. All data collected, relating to minors, from other sources, shall be collected after securing the minor’s parent’s consent.

23. Users accounts shall only be accessible upon two-step verification and authentication process whereby users shall be required to insert their user name, 8-digit alpha-numeric password and a code that shall be sent via SMS to their registered phone number at each point of login onto the site.

24. Liaison Group shall not be responsible for any willful or negligent use of a user’s login credentials arising from either the fault of the user or a third party.

25. The payment gateway page shall only be accessible upon entering the user’s correct user name and password and will time out after 50 seconds of inactivity for security reasons.

26. In the event of a breach of one’s account, such user may contact Liaison Group’s emergency helpline or send a blank email to insuranceonline@liaisongroup.net which will automatically suspend your account until an authorized customer agent contacts the user for reactivation of the account.

27. All personal information may be accessed or modified on the user profile and shall be destroyed immediately upon the voluntary deactivation of a user’s account.

28. In the event of any change in this privacy policy, any such change shall be disclosed on our home page and newsletters effected to your registered email.

29. Your Personal data shall;

a. at all times, considered it as confidential, and all appropriate measures taken so as to ensure its protection from unlawful use, disclosure or access.

b. Promptly notify you of any known unauthorized use, disclosure or processing of such information;

c. Provide reasonable evidence of our compliance with our obligations under this policy upon reasonable notice and request;

d. Upon your request, promptly return or destroy any or all personal information in our possession or control and;

e. Not retain any such information, longer than as originally intended, unless as otherwise required by law or upon your consent to retain such information.

30. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary;

a. We do not guarantee or accept liability for any unlawful disclosure of your personal information, in our possession, made by third parties who are not subject to our control, unless such disclosure was as a result of gross negligence.

Collection of consumer data:

31. This website makes use of ‘cookies’ to automatically collect consumer data and information through standard operation of internet servers.

Disclosure of personal information:

32. Disclose your personal information to any third party other than as follows;

a) To our employers and/ or third-party service providers who may assist us with interacting with you properly and efficiently for the purpose of honoring the delivery of goods ordered.

b) To our divisions and or partners (including their staff members) in order for them to interact with you for the purpose of sending you marketing material relating to current or new goods and services on offer or promotional items offered by them, unless you have opted out from the receipt of such material.

c) To use or disclose your personal information in the event such personal information is required in the compliance with any applicable law, court order or legal process.

d) All our personnel, divisions or partners who gain access to your personal information will be bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure in relation to such information.

e) Any communication received from you will be deemed as consent to receiving further communications from us or any of our divisions or partners in accordance with our privacy policy.

Breach of Terms and Dispute Resolution:

33. In the event of a breach of these terms and conditions, you may be subject to a range of actions, including;

a. suspension of your cover and your online account features and or access;

b. application of reactivation fines, and recovery of expenses for policy monitoring and enforcement.